Smo (cheatandsteal) wrote,

Abortion?: That’s a hard one. It also depends on the circumstances (e.g. if a girl is raped, she should be able to have an abortion. If you just don’t want to have to take care of the kid, no abortion.)
Death Penalty?: Generally, no. In cases such as, say, Hilter, yes.
Prostitution?: if you need the money.
Alcohol?: fine, as long as you don’t hurt other people with it (e.g drink drive, bash up your family. Not fun)
Marijuana?: *shrug*
Other drugs?: Personally I think it’s just stupid. I can understand why someone would want to use drug though, if they’re like drowning in depression (although it generally just makes it worse). If you just do it because someone tells you to, you’re an idiot.
Gay marriage?: There is absolutely no way that gay marriage should be illegal. The banning of gay marriage is a simply ignorant, homophobic choice. You say that God forbids it? God forbids you to eat shellfish. God forbids you to wear two types of material at the same time. Those laws were made for a time long, long ago.
Illegal immigrants?: Another hard one. I personally think they should be let in, though I can understand the economic difficulties. But come on, people. Let’s show some human compassion.
Smoking?: Kills you, kills other people, smells like shit on a stick.
Drunk driving?: stupid.
Cloning?: kind of disturbing.
Racism?: Get over it people. Stop using race as an excuse. Racism is just plain stupidity.
Premarital sex?: If you want to.
Religion?: Get ready for a long answer, kids. Cause I’m really fucking sick of this whole religion thing. LET PEOPLE BELIEVE IN WHAT THEY WANT TO! I’m sick of bible-bashers telling me I’ll go to hell, I’m sick of atheists saying that my beliefs are stupid and that there is no God, that religion is just made up. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE. If I want to believe that there is a God, a life after death, don’t try to stop me. I’m fine with you saying you don’t believe in God, but don’t try to explain to me that religion is for idiots. Don’t ask for proof, there is none. That’s the whole point. RELIGION = BELIEF. If you don’t have faith, then religion just isn’t for you. Fuck cynicism. It’s something I really can’t stand.
The war in Iraq?: No. Do we even have a death count for Iraqi citizens that died in that war? Thousands. Tens of thousands. More. I don’t know. Nothing is worth that much death and trauma. Nothing. Don’t ask me what should have been done instead, I don’t know. All I know is, war was the wrong thing to do.
Bush?: I feel nothing but HATE for this man. Everyone who knows me knows I could go on for hours about him. I won’t bother here. But I’m fairly sure he’s never made a good decision in his life.
Downloading music?: I don’t think it’s such a crime. I mean, if I download one or two really good songs by the same artist, I’m going to buy the CD. A lot of the music I listen to I wouldn’t have heard of if it weren’t for downloading.
The legal drinking age?: It’s good. It doesn’t stop teenagers from drinking, obviously, but at least it means we can’t just stroll into a shop and buy much-o beer. I know a lot of people who would just go in and buy as much as they could and get drunk. Hey, I’d probably be buying it myself.
Porn?: Not for me, but some people live on it xD
Suicide?: selfish.

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