Smo (cheatandsteal) wrote,

i like complaining


WHY IS ART SO HARD. Over the holidays, our art assignment is to paint what our spirituality is to us.

Okay. Seriously. Who gets a bunch of 15/16 year olds and tells them to paint their spirituality. I mean... what? Even if some of us did have a grasp on our spirituality, it's a pretty big ask to get us to paint it. I expect most people will paint clouds and trees and music, etc etc. Once again I have left everything to the last minute and have 1 week to complete the painting. I also have 1 week to do 9 hours of community service. And 1 week to do a maths assignment. Awesome!

I'm thinking of painting three little ones (I already have little canvases). Hmmmmmmmmm.
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